Important Covid-19 Update

Dear Students and Parents,

In light of the recent developments with the concerns as they pertain to the prevention and containment of the Covid-19 virus, we at CAPA are committing to the following to ensure the safest environment for our student, families and well as our continued attention to proving the best in dance and music education.


*We are implementing a new sanitizing protocol.  In addition to our cleaning crews, teachers will be wiping down all mats, ballet bares, and teaching tools in between classes with Clorox wipers

*We are eliminating any type of partner exercises between our students

*We will continue to remind students to wash their hands with soap for 20 seconds as they use the restroom as well as remind them to use the hand sanitizer that is provided in every studio and the lobby

*We are going to continue to remind students to NOT SHARE WATER BOTTLES OR FOOD OF ANY KIND


*If you believe you may have come into contact with someone who may have or been exposed to Covi-19, you are asked not to enter CAPA under any circumstances

*Please do not allow your child to attend classes if they are showing ANY OUTWARD SYMPTOMS...even that of the common cold

*Remind your student to THOROUGHLY wash their hands with soap for 20 seconds prior to coming to the studio as well as after using the restroom


*We will not suspend or halt classes unless mandated by the government to do so, whether it be county, state or federal

*Our staff is concurring on virtual classes if a forced closure occurs.  This will allow the staff of CAPA to continue the progression of our dance education, as well as offer a bit of normalcy and fun for our students.  Instructions for this opportunity will be forthcoming should a suspension arise.


*At this time, our remaining competitions/conventions have not cancelled their events.  I have received tons of emails today from their circuit offices asking that ONLY ONE PARENT (or guardian)only attends the competition with their dancer.  They are asking that all other family members remain at home to keep the attendance of each event as low as possible  If we are alerted to any other pertinent information, we will communicate to you as soon as possible.

The safety of our students, staff and dance families are of paramount importance to us.  Thank you all for your ongoing attention to the details noted.  This is uncharted territory for all of us, but together we are stronger.



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