Physical, emotional, and spiritual safety is paramount in the pursuit of personal growth

in a creative environment.


Determination and persistence outweigh the power of instantaneous gratification.


A dedicated group, striving towards a goal, is successful only when each team member is the best they can be.


Whether dancer, singer, actor, musician, scientist, scholar…the life blood of a civilization is based on the importance it places in the arts.  We contribute citizens of the world imbued with the love of the arts.


Staff, teachers, students and parents will be listened to with direct interaction, respectful thoughts and words and with the understanding each person is entitled to their thoughts, feelings and opinions.


Regardless of ability, all students will experience the joy of reaching his/her personal level of accomplishment, with their successes verbalized along side positive suggestions for improvement.


The teachers and staff are sensitive to societal trends that might be detrimental to positive growth of young people.  We will maintain affirmative behavior during the creative process.

CORE VALUES OF Carmel Academy of Performing Arts

Jake Lamb

Thank you very much for the scholarship I received. Now that I am somewhat independent from my parents it is note to have some money to support my dancing. However, beyond that, I would also like to thank the Carmel Ballet Academy for everything else it gave me throughout my eight years there. Now that I look back, taking up dance as a fifth grade boy was a steep task, but it never really felt that way. At the Academy I felt at home, and that allowed my to truly develop a love of dance. So thank you, for all the hard work you put into me in class and on stage.

Jade  Suyematsu

At the end of the the Kansas City Ballet Summer Intensive, I performed ballet and pointe combinations with my group. I also was chosen to perform the "Big Swans" variation from Swan Lake with on other girl, Tessa. I was quite honored. At the end of the show the teachers gave awards to the six dancers who were the most focused and dedicated. I received one of those awards which was an amazing way to end Intensive. I believe that my training from the Carmel Ballet Academy has prepared me very well. I was just as good as most girls my age who came from all over the United States.

Mackenzie King

Over the years you have presented me with many wonderful opportunities. From countless Nutcrackers & Spring shows to traveling with you all the way to China. But this year has surpassed them all. Not only did you help and push me to pursue my goal of being the Sugar Plum Fairy and getting the chance to experience partnering and giving me a job in which I absolutely love and cherish, you are giving me yet another chance to train with you. This time in Italy with a generous scholarship from you. Carol you are such an inspiration to me and I look forward to spending yet another year with you. Thank you so much.