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CAPA is celebrating its 60th year anniversary this year!

We are pleased to announce that pre-sales are open for the
popular CAPA Showcase DVDs!

Showcase Memories are best when Incendia videos! Please help insure Incendia a successful production with your order TODAY for a DVD of the upcoming Showcase. This talented company sends three cameras, including a boom to record the very best our weekend has to offer! Please make sure you have pre ordered so they will be assured of your support!

For the third year in a row, the team at Incendia Creative is filming our performances with their amazing, artistic High Definition cinematography. Each DVD will include the dances from that evening's performance with special features including behind the scenes, rehearsal footage and interviews with dancers.

Save the memories of the CAPA Recital forever - pre-order your June Recital Showcase DVD at or by filling out an order form at the CAPA office.

Interviewed about Arts in Monterey County

Being interviewed for Monterey County Television on the Arts and Carmel Academy of Performing Arts

Why Choose Us?

Personalized, friendly service from our dedicated and professional staff. Our studio has office staff on hand during all regular class times so you can get immediate attention.

Family friendly atmosphere

Charming, established facility equipped with private music studios. Our studios have "sprung floors" and a vinyl composite called "Marley" which is accepted world wide as the best surface layer for recreational to professional dance.

Balanced program offering students of all ages a variety of dance styles, theater experience, music lessons & performance opportunities.

Dance, Music & Theater education for the whole family in 1 location - saves gas!

The instructors and staff of the Carmel Academy of Performing Arts attend nationally recognized seminars and conventions as well as regularly scheduled studio meetings to keep up-to-date on innovations in our industry. Our dedicated teaching professionals continue to study from, and contribute to, the expanding field of performing arts and dance through their professional projects and advanced education. These commitments ensure that we can continue to provide a wide spectrum of artistic guidance for our students-as their teachers and mentors.

Students of all levels enjoy year-round instruction in a friendly, caring, loving and creative environment. From the toddler to the beginner to the pre-professional, each student feels the excitement and energy in the air at the Carmel Academy of Performing Arts! We have a program to fit each student’s goals and aspirations…and we look forward to finding the perfect schedule for your family. Welcome to the Carmel Academy of Performing Arts!

Our Core Values

Physical, emotional, and spiritual safety is paramount in the pursuit of personal growth in a creative environment.

Determination and persistence outweigh the power of instantaneous gratification. TEAMWORK A dedicated group, striving towards a goal, is successful only when each team member is the best they can be.

Whether dancer, singer, actor, musician, scientist, scholar…the life blood of a civilization is based on the importance it places in the arts. We contribute citizens of the world imbued with the love of the arts.

Staff, teachers, students and parents will be listened to with direct interaction, respectful thoughts and words and with the understanding each person is entitled to their thoughts, feelings and opinions.

Regardless of ability, all students will experience the joy of reaching his/her personal level of accomplishment, with their successes verbalized along side positive suggestions for improvement.

The teachers and staff are sensitive to societal trends that might be detrimental to positive growth of young people. We will maintain affirmative behavior during the creative process.

NEW! iPhone App!
SayBallet, SayJazz & SayTap

We are proud to present our Pocket Video Arts' series of educational dance apps for iPhone.

These educational applications are based on years of success in teaching dance terminology to young students and their parents and can be used with dance students as young as five years old. You do not need an Internet connection to use the app, so your budding dancer can even practice on the way to class!

Children learn by saying, seeing, and doing. With this unique teaching tool, the child can say a dance term, hear the term spoken, watch the video of the step being performed and spronunciation.

Available in the Apple iTunes App Store:

Gabby Flanders, one of our students, Won a history day project about dancers.

Click here for newspaper article

With Love and Thanks to Laura Jeselnick and Mary Chase for all of their incredible help!